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investigators on the case are telling us they issued an amber alert look for william mcquain. last night detectives went to brier cliff terrace apartment in germantown as part of a missing person report. when they entered the apartment they found jane mcqain dead in her bedroom. they are treating this as a homicide and they say she suffered trauma to her body. there was no sign of the victim's son who as not been seen since september 30th. william is is described as a light skinned black male about 5 feet tall and weighs 85 pounds. now a vehicle registered to jane mcquain is missing and william could be with it. authorities are look for a black 2011 honda crv have tag 5ag9405. and overnight, you can see here there's been postings all night with information about that amber alert. when i was driving in, i could see the alert posted. but you can log onto abc2news.com for the latest and most updated information. that is in the slide show. and if you have any information about william, call montgomery county major crimes division at 240-773-5070. reporting hive in the interactive news center
housing and support services to a family in need. it will be used to establish a sports scholarship in their name. >>> community members and parents fired up about a controversial plan that could close rment ec centers around baltimore -- rec centers around baltimore. parents say it's taking away a safe place for kids to learn and play after school hours. sherrie johnson joins us live with the details of what's going on and what parents are saying today. sherrie. >> reporter: good morning, charley. we are live here in front of city hall where controversy is building over whether or not to close several city park recreation centers. and all new this morning, one church group is planning a demonstration in front of the parks and recs headquarters building. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has a plan that could end privatizing some and closing others. it would happen on the first of the year and some parents and community members are not happy about it. many of the rec centers are packed with kids many they come in after school to get help with homework and can play with friends and it k
says whoa like to thank everyone for their support and wrote a remember the and asked us to make it public. find it on the website at abc2news.com in the slide show along with other information on how to help the family. linda so, abc2 news. >>> looked like regular bedposts but after more examination they contained 17,000 dollars worth of cocaine. someone tried to sneak it into the country inside the bedposts knobs and they were found on a courier on board a plane that took off from el salvador and land at dulles. they x-rayed the posts and found the drugs. >>> the airport closer to home a tsa agent at bwi faces child porn charges. michael wilson was arrested for possession and distribution. they found an underage girl video of that having sex with an adult and traced it to wilson's computer. during questions he -- questioning he told police he has been down loading and watching it for a while and it's something he can't control. >>> it's now official. baltimore county school superintendent dr. joe hairston will not renew for another term. the search is on for his replacement. sh
infancy. now most of us carry one of these with us. some places even have two, maybe even three. iphones, mac book pros. the way we communicate here, it's all done through macintosh products and it's the result of the vision of steve jobs. some of you fans, some of you not so much. we have one saying, saying i may not be a mac users, it's too expensive, but apple donated computers to the baltimore city schools and had a got me hooked. brad says, love my apple products. jim says, the glowing apple on my mac's and the happy face and the finder icon, also the spinning rainbow pinwheel. we always know about that. as we continue trying to work. weigh in this morning on facebook. let us know your thoughts and remembrances on what has happened in the world of communication and technology since the advent of the apple, the ipod, the eye touch, the ipad, of course the mac book pro. >>> tens of thousands of protesters are pouring into u.s. cities protesting an array of issues. they started overnight. this morning they're still throughout holding steadfast to their mission. -- to their steadf
of people helped us. >> van dyk's mom says her son is on his own if he continues the journey and warned him if something happens she can't solicit the help of the u.s. state department. >>> a traffic stop leads police to 9 pounds of marijuana. police pulled over the car because the tag lights were not working and they smelled marijuana and searched the car and discovered 9 pounds of freshly cut weed in a laundry back in the trunk. the two men have been charged with possession. >>> 32-year-old woman is in trouble accused of leaving her 7-year-old son on the sides of the highway after an argument. evans has been charged. a passing driver saw the child walking by himself on highway 13. officials say the boy was turned over the other members of the family. >>> this week, expected to vote on a key piece of the jobs bill. many people have fed up with lack of job opportunities. a group of unemployed workers are holding vigil at the russel street bridge. kuren redmond is there with a preview of what is to be expected. >> reporter: the jobs topic has been at the top of every political debate and spu
south. this is a southeasterly wind for us comes off the bay and that enhances our threat of storms. most likely this will be the tail end of the commute through lunchtime and we'll talk more about the marathon weather in a moment. >>> we're starting to get a couple accidents out there. but because we have such light traffic, it's not causing too much of a problem yet. this is the live traffic camera on the beltway on old court road near 795. it's moving pretty well in pikesville in both directions. the innerloop at harrisburg expressway, we have a report of an accident on the innerloop. it's causing too much a problem as you can see. and the top side between bel air and providence, we're doing okay. >>> amber alert issued for a missing 11-year-old boy was seen on the final day of september. his mother was found murdered in their germantown apartment and now there's been an arrest in the case. >> reporter: the police discovered william's mother jane mcquane dead in her bedroom wednesday night after a missing person's report. authorities immediately issued an amber alert for the 11-y
will want to come home and tell his story to us. he has a great story to tell. he has experienced something no one else has experienced. >> in 2003 moammar gadhafi admitted to playing a role in the lockerbie bombing. >>> the death of moammar gadhafi might be bringing one baltimore mother closer to seeing her son again. matthew van dyke, a journalist from baltimore, of trapped in a libyan prison. after being released he decided to remain in libya supporting the rebellion. will he be coming home now? we have reaction from his mom. >> as for matthew returning to baltimore, his mother said he would leave libya when moammar gadhafi was gone. she spoke with her son late yesterday. matthew van dyke has gone from journalist and writer to machine gun toting freedom fighter since serving time and escaping a libyan prison in august. he has been fighting with rebel forces in that country. he said he ended up in libya because he heard about what was going on there and decided that he needed to be there. moammar gadhafi of shot and killed yesterday by rebels. sharon van dyke says matthew was in the town
outside the club by city police officers and corinne redman joins us from baltimore police head quart wears wrap-up of what -- headquarters with a wrap-up of what happened. >> reporter: they held a fund- raiser last night but saturday night it was a different scene when three people were stabbed inside the club. now the owner is saying he is going to make changes. here's what we know. cell phone video early sunday morning shows a man with bandages over stab wounds a police report says three people were stabbed but the victims doesn't know who assaulted them or what led to the incident. one victim was reportedly confused and highly intoxicated. mount vernon club made headlines for a crime that happened outside the club over a year ago when tyrone brown a former marine was killed last year by off duty police officer. eden's lounge owner says he has security throughout the nightclub and at at front door and normally there is a heavy police presence in the area. but given the events e. plans on making-- he plans on making tougher restrict on patrons. >> no basketball news or sneaks or bas
her to -- asked us to hide her identity out of fear for her safety. >> a young leady was banging on my door and on the ground because she couldn't walk. she jumped out of the window because two guys were in her house beating her with a crowbar demanding money. she didn't have money and somehow she made it out the window. and banged on my door. >> reporter: now neighbors say the robbers may not have known anyone was at home since the victim said they made no attempt to hide their identities. last month someone attempted a similar break-in at a couple across the street who moved out. police are trying to determine if there's any connection. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> police are increasing their patrols in charles village many police say man was robbed in the 2600 block of st. paul street early yesterday morning. the victim surrendered everything he had but the suspect shot him anyway. now, this happened in the same area where steven pitcairn was stabbed to death. if you have information on the shooting, you are asked to call the police as quickly as possible. >>> posting on facebook
much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. there you have it. we have been talking to protesters all morning and they say they are not going anywhere but they will continue dialogue with the site. reporting live at the inner harbor sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> and in new york hundreds of protesters marched from the occupy wall street encampment to city hall wednesday night. demonstrators say the marsh shows solidarity with the counterparts in oakland where police made several arrest. an iraq war veteran was hurt when he was allegedly struck in the head by a tear gas can. you can see a lot of shoving and pushing going on. there's been a number of arrest. >>> battling the cold and police in denver. city's first major snowstorm but they didn't gouge budge disspies -- budge despite being forced to take tents down. five people have been treated for hikeo -- hyperthermia. the group's facebook page says they arrested a veteran betake down. >>> and proposed amendment to no child left behind didn't pass. it was voted down and that's good news for people like barb feldman
to clean it up. the bridge reopened at midnight and now you can use it this morning. taking a look at 95, actually the beltway at old court road. it is light traffic out there. we have no issues or delay. the outer loop has most volume. inner loop is moving well aj fx at northern parkway. 95 at the fort mchenry tunnel. there has been a disabled vehicle here and as you can see traffic is flowing freely. for the latest follow us on twitter at maryland traffic and you can get the latest updates not sentencing phase begins for a murder for hire trial in harper county in the walter bishop murder trial. sherrie johnson has more. >> reporter: new this morning, this is the first test of the state's new death penalty statute. it is considered among the most restrictive in the nation. today both sides will argue whether 29-year-old walter bishop jr. should be sentenced to death. bishop was convicted wednesday of fatally shooting william porter last year. it is a crime bishop is accused of committing at the request of porter's wife. bishop could become maryland's sixth death row inmate and the firs
for a investigation. repairing for the worse case scenario. this time they used a school bus as their classroom. kuren redmond is here with the latest on what they did. that was a goal to prepare for the worst. firefighters set up several hazardous scenes and figured out the best way to rescue people. one scene involved a school bus that rolled over with people trapped inside. another involved bringing in cranes to lift large tractor trailers. firefighters say this prepares them to work faster under pressure. >> it may take us an hour or hour and a half to extricate them. we want people to survive and have a good colt of life after the incident. >> this was the first year for the rig rescue. firefighters say they are called to similar incident a few times each month. >>> dr. carson is more than a trusted doctor, she a hero to a lot of us. dozens gathered for his 60th birthday party he opened up the carson reading room, now opened across the country. >>> helping pregnant moms staying healthy. megan pringle is still under house arrest. what she has been learning. tips on what she has for moms. >>> purpl
've got people playing their video games on their computers, and lots of food going on here. joining us this morning is ashley. you've been here from day one. tell us why you are out here. >> reporter: because i am sick of corporate greed you know. you know. nothing is going to change if nothing is is going to change you know what i am saying? >> reporter: and what's the plan with the city giving the new restrictions? do you plan to stay? >> we are going to be here. yep. >> reporter: now all along, occupy movement has been about the 99% and against corporate greed and 1%. you guys are out here obviously you need your food and tents and your blankets and stuff but some might say you know why do you have your video games and computers. isn't that what you are all against? >> the video games, you know, we have downtime here and there and it's nice to chill. but you know, we have computers that we can stay in network with all the other occupys and you know you keep in contact on what's going down with them and you know maintaining that little balance you know. >> reporter: you don't see it
a toll are also going up. violators used to pay $3 for missing a toll. now the state will use video cameras to catch violators and fine you up to $15 depending on which toll you missed. again, all of these changes go into effect at tolls across maryland starting at midnight. we are live at the fort mchenry toll plaza, linda so, abc2 news. >>> and traffic is running normally on route 50 near queenstown a section of the highway east of the split near 301 was closed for more than 24 hours because of a downed power line. it reopened around 4:15 sunday afternoon. >> we are used to snow so just a little earlier than most years. so, not that big of an adjustment. just throw on heavier close. >> -- clothes. >> may not have been as bad here in other parts of the country. saturday, snowfall in germantown coating the grass and piling up on parked cars. no major damage or power outage reported in that area. just residents wearing a few extra layers. >>> baltimore county police are trying to figure out if three armed robberies are connected. officers arrested scott hundermark saturday night. pol
're hoping they'll find him alive. information led them to the parks. they used horses and tracking dogs and atvs. his mother jane mcquain was found stabbed and beaten to death in their germantown condo. 45-year-old curtis lopez has been charged with murder. but there's still no sign of william, something that puzzles the neighbors. >> you don't think something like that is going to hit in your hometown. i hope they find him. i hope they find him alive. >> reporter: they're still developing all leads in this case. >>> baltimore county police are investigating a triple shooting at turner station on the 500 block of main street. it started on the basketball court and went to the streets and then three people were shot. they were taken to the hospital with nonthrive threatening injuries -- non-life threatening injuries. >>> a woman in her 20s was found in a dumpster early sunday. no signs of obvious trauma to that body. >>> a man said that the body of his son been found. saturday police reported an adult man and body was found in multiple stab wounds and jackson said that the 34r50es told h
the weekend, kept the roads from getting too icy. they did have to use chains over tires. it i peers the ski season, winter season and white stuff that's in the future for us, justin. >> we are talking about something semi tropical. it's a transition between summer and winter. we can get both on the map. this looks impressive. see the actual upper level winds taking taking this apart. wind sheer preventing the tropical development. we may not get a name out of. this it's going to spread to close half a foot of rain in central florida which they don't need, flooding rains yesterday and this stuff starting to lift up to the north. get the idea? you could see this, this is really interesting, southern portion of the midwest storm, there, and that draws air to the north, you can see some of the rain pulling in off of the gulf of mexico and florida. --ing to the north, to show you the idea. this is the storm system that was responsible for kicking up the winds and dust storm in lubbock, texas and pulling this moisture through florida in to the southeast. area of low pressure is west than the c
with us. >>> i just want to show yo powerful doppler radar. looks like we've got rain lined up right along 95. good news here in annapolis. it's eased up a little bit but just north of st. clair it does ib crows and we've got it intermittent, moderate around the region, one thing i wanted to focus on here, winds, ocean city we've had gusts of 24 but now a 9-mile-per-hour push. and in westminster, a 6-mile-per-hour wind. temperatures there 59 with mid-60s across the rest of the rezon. hear's the push of rain surging up. the next push coming up the coast and after the morning rain we'll actually be looking at a break and maybe just some showers as we head into the afternoon thunderstorms as this area of low pressure chugs in our direction. temperature mid to upper 60s. probably higher than 70. the warmer temperatures and the strongest winds across the bridge. 20 to 30 miles per. >>> some downed cars out there. also 895 at o'donnell at the offramp. you have to be careful out there. slow down with the wet weather. let's take a live look at 95 at 175. no issues reported. just the wet roads betw
in south baltimore and sherrie johnson joins us live with more on the developing story. sherrie, this happened around 9:00 last night, right? >> reporter: that's exactly right. and you know what, this morning,authorities with the baltimore city police department are investigating that shooting and at last report the man that was shot was reported to be in critical condition. this all happened sunday night in the 3600 block of st. victor street in south baltimore. police got a call of an armed person in the home and the caller feared for their safety. when police arrived at the home, they say they found an adult male between 40 and 50 years old with a weapon. >> individuals holding a weapon officers entered the house asking individual to drop the weapon numerous times and he didn't comply with the officers commands and turned towards the officers with the weapon and one officer fired at least one defensive shot. >> reporter: now again that victim was taken to johns hopkins bayview medical center where at last was in critical condition. no one else in the home or officers were inj
redmond, abc2 news. >>> wait a day if you want to use a new intersection. supposed to open this morning at 5:00, about four minutes ago. that's been moved to 5:00 wednesday morning. the overpass is supposed to clear up traffic at the intersection of 924 and 24. that design is going to take 95 traffic up and over the car, moving between the shopping center on either side of 24. >>> today is part of the healthy city day. head to the inner harbor and work out with the mayor and ravens trainer. workout starts at 11:30 taking place between the visitors center and science center. get moving. >>> it's breast cancer awareness. the mayor will make an announcement about when that will happen and encouraging everyone to workout, come out and wear pink. >>> the white house became the pink house for one night, look at that. north side, 1600 pennsylvania was lit up for the cause last night. the color change at the white house marks a annual tradition. first started under the george w bush administration in 2008 and continued under president obama. breast cancer this year alone will claim the lives of
on what they have potesting. many of them spoke to us yesterday. >> you know, as long as it takes. as long as it takes, i'm here to say this is my home. i can come back, you know, i think -- the -- the idea -- is important. the idea is important. i'm here, i'm committed to the idea. >> the occupy baltimore group will protest indefinitely and something that was echoed this morning. >>> baltimore city is saying that they have to get aggressive and it worked. a new campaign starts today to help families raise healthy babies. that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality. i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado.f. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletet foot.etes . yes. i'm a people pleaser. plea. if elected, i promise flu shots for all.for all. i am a walking medical dictionary..ionary. congratulations virginia.virgin. inflamed uvula.ed . i'm virginia.virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm
name braden clark and used an e-mail address to communicate with his victims. >> i think parents need to have the conversation about internet safety the same way you have the consistent conversation about sex and drugs. >> brandon suggest forth has been charged with multiple sex offenses. if you have any information on this call police at 410-307-2020. let's go to our official abc2 news facebook page right now. this story is up. this gives you an overview. at the bottom there is information for parents you need to look at. in the last paragraph it says two parental control websites recommended are net nanly.com and kids watch.com. parents you need to look at this. this gives you tips of what you need to manage and take a look ayour kids' controls. this is a look at kids w atch.com. easy parental control software solutions. look at there and see if it might work with you and also with your budget. also, there is the official site for net nanny. here is also a way you can protect your children from predators like this online. this is also located in the tech session underneath the money
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21